195 Years…

Today is December 10, 2021, which means it’s the 195th anniversary of John Torrington’s baptism.

For the past two years, I’ve shared new research to honor him on this day, but this year I haven’t had a chance to work on anything. However, I don’t want this day to go by without recognizing it. So a very happy Baptism Day to John Torrington!

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge Roundup: Week 4

And I’m done! Thirty-one flash fiction stories in one month. Each one was written and edited in a day. I’ve got some thoughts that I might organize into a longer post later, but for now, here’s the last round of stories.

Story 23: A Haunting

Story 24: Trick or Treat

Story 25: Standing Still

Story 26: The Blank Page

Story 27: Where Have All the Mambos Gone

Story 28: And the Dead Shall Rise, Maybe Around Noonish

Story 29: Carving Pumpkins

Story 30: Stars

Story 31: Halloween

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge Roundup: Week 1

Wow! I’m already through the first full week of my Daily Flash Fiction Challenge. I’ve written a story a day for the past eight days, and I’ll be writing another one later today.

Here’s all the stories so far:

Story 1: The Skull in the Garden

Story 2: Old Growth

Story 3: That’s Just What Cats Do

Story 4: The Sound Water Makes

Story 5: Cursed Anonymous

Story 6: Candlelight

Story 7: Harbinger

Story 8: The Castle by the Sea

It’s been a lot of fun so far. Some of the stories have been lightly spooky, a couple have been very dark, and a couple have been comedies. I just hope I don’t run out of ideas before the end of the month!

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge October 2021

For this October, I’m trying something new. I’m going to be doing a daily flash fiction challenge, where I write a new flash fiction story every day. Each story will be no more than 1000 words. Since it’s October, and I love Halloween, expect most of the stories to be at least a little spooky.

I’ll be posting the stories over on Vocal. Check in every now and then to see the new stories posted throughout the month. I’ve already written two stories, and I’m working on the third for today. Unfortunately, Vocal moderates everything submitted to be published on their site, and they have been so very slow this weekend. Only one story has been posted so far. I’m hoping they’ll catch up soon. But you can find the first story here. Happy reading!

New Short Story: The Unmarked

I wrote a tiny, tiny short story (only 299 words) for Queer Sci Fi’s latest anthology Ink. My story is called “The Unmarked,” and I just found out it’s the first story in the anthology! It’s also one they seem to like using for advertising the collection, based on this promo image they posted on Twitter:

Unfortunately, you have to buy a copy to read the full story, but if you’re interested, here’s a link to where you can buy it. Enjoy!

New Story: Toward No Earthly Pole

Hello again!

In some non-Torrington news, I wrote a short story and submitted it to the Little Black Book Challenge on Vocal. I’d never heard of Vocal before, but the challenge offered the chance to win $20,000, so I thought what the hell. The rules for the challenge were that I had to write about someone who somehow comes into $20,000, and at some point there had to be a little black book mentioned somewhere in the story.

Unfortunately, I’d only heard about the contest at the last minute, so I threw my entry together in a day. Still, I’m pretty proud I was able to put together a story that quickly. Based on the title, some people may be thinking that this story has something to do with a certain expedition. Well, sorry no, it’s not about Franklin or his men, but I did borrow several plot points from various real-life Arctic expeditions.

With the way Vocal works, my story is available for everyone to read on the website (and I get paid per read, so even if I don’t win the challenge, I might be able to earn a tiny bit off it–probably only like five cents, but still). You can find the story here. Enjoy!