New Poem Published – Insomnia

My first published poem, “Insomnia,” is now available in From the Depths by Haunted Waters Press.


This is actually the first work I had accepted for publication, way back at the beginning of March. The fact that it took this long for them to put this magazine together just shows how much effort they put into it and how much they care about their authors (not that any of the other publications I’ve been published in don’t, it’s just that this is the first one that offers a physical copy). It looks so lovely. Check it out!


Star Trek Life Goal – Updated

I finished watching Star Trek: The Animated Series! \o/

It was actually pretty good, I was not expecting that. It was a little cheesy and overly for-the-kids at times, but for the most part it just felt like Star Trek. With ridiculous animation. Seriously, I love how every character did that palm-over-mouth move like an offended southern grandma. It was the best.