Star Trek Life Goal – Updated

I finished watching Star Trek: The Animated Series! \o/

It was actually pretty good, I was not expecting that. It was a little cheesy and overly for-the-kids at times, but for the most part it just felt like Star Trek. With ridiculous animation. Seriously, I love how every character did that palm-over-mouth move like an offended southern grandma. It was the best.


Goals. Important Goals.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. And the starship Enterprise. And another starship Enterprise. And a ship called Voyager. And a space station called Deep Space Nine, which just sort of sits there…

I am a second generation Trekkie. My parents (my mother especially) raised me up right with a healthy dose of Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic future. I watched marathons of the original series that my mom had recorded for us, and I sat through the fuzz and white snow of bad reception to watch what I could of TNG. I watched bits and pieces of Voyager, and thanks to DVDs, I watched the entirety of Enterprise without the signal cutting out. Star Trek is my oldest fandom, and it influenced and shaped my life in ways that I don’t always realize.

But I have a problem. I am a completist, and when I love something, I have to watch/read/buy/whatever all of it. And I have never seen all of Star Trek.

Sure, I’ve seen most of TOS, and before buying the DVDs and doing a total rewatch, I had seen the majority of TNG, but I had done my Star Trek watchin’ piecemeal over the years, catching TOS through marathons and struggling to see episodes of TNG and VOY on UPN with our crappy TV antennae (yeah, no cable for us).

Several years ago, I made it my goal to watch every single episode. I had already seen every episode of TNG and ENT on DVD, so that left TOS, TAS, DS9, and VOY (and soon, the brand new Discovery). Of course, I’ve seen most of TOS, but I couldn’t recall which episodes I hadn’t, so I started watching ALL of TOS. But then I hit a slump due to life stuff and stopped. This year, though, in honor of the 50th anniversary, I’ve taken on the task again, and I finally finished all of TOS.

Now I’m starting the animated series. It’s…not as bad as I thought? Two episodes in and it just feels like badly animated episodes of regular Star Trek. I can do this.

Live long and obsessively watch Star Trek.